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I’m an independent PADI Instructor and avid diver. As such, I offer diver training for scuba divers. My courses take place around the Switzerland, Italy and the UK. My aim is to provide divers with the skills and knowledge to safely dive both in the colder waters of Swiss/UK lakes, and abroad, while getting more people to safely discover and enjoy the underwater world.

Perfect Buoyancy and trim are the holy grail to anyone wishing to become a proficient diver and make the whole underwater experience so much more enjoyable. As such, our training focuses primarily on this aspect before moving on to more specialised areas.

At the same time – I’m always on the lookout for emerging equipment manufacturers. As such, I will review a lot of equipment that most divers have never heard of. A big field where a lot of innovation is happening is underwater lights and batteries, which is where I’m reviewing the most gear at the moment.